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About Science & Equine

Science & Equine promotes evidence based equine health care science to students, colleages and educational institutes. It encourages the intensive use of literature and life long learning. In collaboration with Anatomy & Physiotherapy we started this initiative in January 2016 and launched our own website in June of that year.

On our website you can find content in a more exclusive way than is posted through our social media accounts. We use more images and videos to support the content and below every article you can find the link to the full text article or Pubmed summary. You can use the search bar to find the article you are looking for and we have build a categorized archive that will contain more articles every day. Science & Equine is always looking for partners to collaborate with. Please contact us if you are interested in the possibility of any type of collaboration. If you're interested in working for Science & Equine on a voluntary basis, check out our job section for the possibilities.

Kind regards,
Marly Coppens

Founder, Director

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