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Horses inside out

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A horse has 205 bones and 700 muscles. Quite a challenge if you’re a student, supposed to learn all of the horse’s anatomical features.

The British champion rider and sports remedial therapist Gillian Higgins came up with way to give insight into horse anatomy, painting the animal’s skeletal and muscular system on live horses.

Gillian takes up to four hours painting, using water-based hypoallergenic paints. Her lectures are very popular, manly visited by veterinary students, race horse trainers, eventers, pony club members and dressage judges. Giving all of her 'students' a fascinating insight into equine locomotion, training and management from an anatomical perspective."Painting the skeleton and musculature on the side of the horse really helps to bring the subject to life," Gillian Higgins told the Daily Mail. "You can discover how to get the best out of your horse by seeing exactly what happens as it moves. I'm trying to show the anatomy and how the horse works in an interesting and easy to understand way."

Gillian Higgins came up with the idea for 'Horses Inside Out' back in 2006 after she completed a degree in equine business management. She understood why many riders and trainers were struggling to learn all those bones and muscles and started thinking about a better way to make them understand how the horse works.

Want to discover more about Horses Inside Out? Visit the website or watch the video below.

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