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Charlotte De Bruyne

MSc Physiotherapy and rehabilitation sciences
Student MSc Veterinary Physotherapy (2018-2021)

After graduating as a MSc Physiotherapy, I was ready for new challenges. Next to enrolling as a student “Veterinary Physiotherapy” at Hartpury University College and starting my career as a therapist, I wanted to stay involved in research and help bring scientific based advice to colleagues and patients. This is how I came in contact with Science & Equine. 

I am very excited to start this new chapter in life, where two of my biggest passions come together perfectly: horseback riding and evidence base physiotherapy. My main interest lies in training and healing through exercise. I believe that the solution for most problems, both equine and human, is (re)training the body and mind. Despite the growing research in this field, most people find scientific literature unapproachable. This is where I hope to help: by bringing new information to everyone who wants to become a better rider and horseman.