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Isabeau Deckers

MSc. Rehabilitation science and Physiotherapy, graduated cum laude
Basic trainer/ instructor at the NCSAH, graduated cum laude
Research Assistant Equine Performance, Hartpury College (2018-2020)
Student Veterinary Physiotherapy, University of Hartpury (2018-2021)

I grew up amongst horses and literally can’t imagine life without them. The experiences as equestrian in the equine disciplines show jumping, dressage and eventing up too international level, revealed the insights of the equine sport world for me. To widen these, I attained skills as groom/ rider/ instructor/ intern/ volunteer at all kinds of equine events too. Through these practices, I found my passion for equine physiotherapy and all aspects related to it. Consequently, I started studying ‘Rehabilitation Science and Physiotherapy’ at the University of Antwerp, where I finished my MSc in 2018. I devoted my MSc thesis to back pain in the equestrian and that developed my love for research. Currently, I am studying ‘Veterinary Physiotherapy’ at the University of Hartpury.

By these educations and activities, I am chasing after my big dream which is to contribute to the welfare of the sport horse and his equestrian. In particular, I aim to eliminate the gap between the current practice in the training and management of the sport horse and the research in this area. It is my belief that there are still a lot of opportunities to spread the expertise and knowledge of equine experts and Science&Equine is one of these. By common initiatives, we can enhance the performances and welfare of both the rider and his beloved equine athlete up to the highest level!