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Annet Veen

Annet Veen
(The Netherlands)

MSc. Sport Science
BSc. Human Movement Science
Dressage instructor
Dressage Trainer

Specialties: Biomechanics and training

My name is Annet Veen. I am a very active and passionate dressage rider for years and recently also a dressage instructor.  I studied Human Movement Science and I have a Master in Sport Science. After my graduation I decided to focus more on the riding and I have had the chance to work with grand prix riders in America and Holland. 

Despite I have focussed more on riding the last years my interest for science has never faded. My goal is to combine my passion for science with the training of the horses. Research in the field of equine therefore really interest me. With the knowledge of all the studies performed in equine I think we can get the best and most effective ways to train, manage and take care of rider and horse.