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Written by Debby Gudden
Posted in Behavior

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The impact of housing design in domesticated horses

Horses are predominantly housed in individual stables with little to no social interaction. This type of housing has been reported to activate the stress response and is therefore a concern for equine welfare. Group housing provides horses with an environment where they are able to display natural behaviour and allows contact with con-specifics improving overall welfare. The aim for this study was to assess the impact of different housing designs on the physiological and behavioural parameters in domesticated horses. 

The authors concluded that the findings of this study imply that the social housing designs were less aversive than the single housing design and provided an improved standard of equine welfare.

> From: Yarnell et al., Physiol. Behav. 143 (2015) 51-57. All rights reserved to Elsevier Inc.. Click here for the online summary.

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