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Debby Gudden

BSc Animal Husbandry
MSc Equine Science 

Horses have been my passion from ever since I was little. Throughout my whole life I’ve ridden and competed in several disciplines. I’ve gained experience at an international dressage stable and at an (equine) editorial office as part of my Bachelor degree Animal Husbandry.

Since recent years I’ve become very interested in scientific based knowledge related to horse riding. Therefore, I decided to study Equine Science at Hartpury College. With this degree I hope to expand my scientific knowledge related to equine performance, physiology of the equine athlete and welfare and behaviour.

I believe that scientific knowledge is the answer to solve equine related problems and to educate professionals in the equestrian field. Via Science & Equine I hope to contribute to this.

Behaviour of horse flies around zebras and horses 07 Aug 2019 Equine athlete management & care
The effect of nutritional products on equine stress response 25 May 2019 Nutrition
The influence of boot design on temperature of tendons 17 Apr 2019 Physiology
Behaviour and stress responses in horses with gastric ulcers 28 Mar 2019 Nutrition
Effect of housing on 24-hour gastric pH 20 Nov 2018 Nutrition
Effect of head-neck positions on muscle activity in the neck 10 Oct 2018 Gait analyses
Impact of head-neck positions on the behaviour of horses 23 Sep 2018 Response to training
Lesions associated with bits, nosebands, spurs and whips 01 May 2018 Response to training
The impact of housing design in domesticated horses 16 Apr 2018 Behavior
The effect of music on the emotional state of race horses 03 Apr 2018 Equine athlete management & care
The effect of a two-stage weaning method in horses 27 Oct 2017 Behavior
The effect of clipping on the behaviour of horses 04 Oct 2017 Equine athlete management & care
The effect of loading on the behaviour of horses 20 Sep 2017 Loading and transport
The effect of forage presentation on feed intake. 08 Sep 2017 Nutrition
The effect of nosebands on horse’s eye and skin temperature 21 Jun 2017 Response to training
Perceptions of obesity among leisure-horse owners 02 Jun 2017 Equine athlete management & care
The use of a GPS and HR monitoring system in show jumpers 18 May 2017 Response to training
The physical demands of eventing in riders 03 May 2017 Rider fitness
Physiological stress responses in horses and riders 24 Apr 2017 Rider fitness
Heart rates of dressage horses during competition 05 Apr 2017 Physiology
Conflict behaviour in elite sport horses 13 Mar 2017 Response to training
The effect of housing on the welfare of young horses 24 Feb 2017 Living environment
Effects of meal frequency on behaviour of stabled horses 28 Jan 2017 Nutrition