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Written by Anouk van Breukelen
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Tiger-eye iris pigmentation in Puerto Rican Paso Fino horses

Tiger-eye is an eye colour unique to Puerto Rican Paso Fino (PRPF) horses and is characterised by a bright yellow, amber or orange iris. Earlier pedigree analysis has shown that tiger-eye pigmentation is inherited by simple autosomal recessive inheritance.

The results identified a locus on ECA1, which harbours the candidate gene, SLC24A5, with known roles in pigmentation in humans, mice and zebrafish. Two mutations in SLC24A5 are assumed to affect iris pigmentation in tiger-eye PRPF horses.

Expert opinion by Anouk van Breukelen

This study is a foundation for further unravelling the genetics involved in iris pigmentation in horses.

> From: Mack , G3: Genes, Genomics, Genetics 7 (2017) 2799-2806. All rights reserved to Creative Commons . Click here for the online summary.

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