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Anouk van Breukelen

BSc Animal Husbandry

Currently MSc student Animal Science, specialisation Breeding & Genetics (graduating July 2019)

Because of my love for animals I started the bachelor Animal Husbandry in 2013. During this study I gathered a lot of practical information about keeping different sorts of animals i.e. cattle, dogs as well as horses. I’ve always been interested in reading and learning more about the information behind our decisions in keeping animals. Which is why I decided I wanted to broaden my knowledge, by following a master’s programme at Wageningen University in Animal Science.

One of my other interests is the diversity of all sorts of animals we have on this planet, this has always caught my attention and is why I decided to specialize in animal genetics. During this study I am learning about the diversity between but also within species, like horses. I am learning about how to set. up or optimize breeding programmes and how to keep populations healthy through breeding.

By writing for Science & Equine I can combine my knowledge in genetics with my passion for horses. Horses have always been a big part of my life and I am always looking for more information to apply to my own horse to keep her healthy and happy.

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