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Written by Aleksandra Dimitrova

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Difference between emasculators and effects in castration

In the equine world, one of the most often performed procedures is orchiectomy (castration). Emasculators are used in both open and closed castrations and the two most often used instruments are Serra and Reimer. There are differences in their mechanisms and their method of performance. This study aims to compare and evaluate the two emasculators and their performance, the differences and similarities between them.  

In open castration both instruments produced leaking pressure values higher than physiological values. In closed castrations, however, the Serra emasculator produced leaking pressure close to physiological conditions. The study suggests there might be a connection between leaking pressure and the amount of tissue crushed by the emasculator. The presence or absence of parietal tunic is suggested to be the only factor affecting the leaking pressure. However, more studies are needed to evaluate the post-castration hemorrhage in clinical setting.  

> From: Comino et al., Equine Vet J 50 (2017) 141-144. All rights reserved to EVJ Ltd . Click here for the online summary.

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