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Written by Aleksandra Dimitrova
Posted in Mare management

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Reproductive success of Thoroughbred mares and stallions

As Ireland is the third largest producer of thoroughbred horses worldwide, keeping track of the thoroughbred reproductive performance is almost mandatory. Irish researchers conducted a large-scale study looking at the effects of a variety of mare and stallion factors on per-cycle pregnancy rate (PCPR) and pregnancy loss in a large population of Thoroughbreds. 

A number of mare factors were evaluated, including mare age, reproductive status, month of foaling, dystocia, month of cover, foal heat, cycle number, treatments, walk-in status. Stallion factors were also looked at, including stallion identity, age, shuttle status, time elapsed between covers and high stallion usage on the per cycle pregnancy rate and pregnancy loss.

In conclusion, these study results show mare age exerted the greatest influence on fertility. Old age and cover within 20 days post-partum were associated with the lowest pregnancy rates. However, Thoroughbreds can be effectively managed to achieve high reproductive performance in a commercial setting.

> From: Lane et al., Reprod Dom Anim 51 (2016) 181-187. All rights reserved to Blackwell Verlag GmbH. Click here for the online summary.

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