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Aleksandra Dimitrova

BSc Equine Sports Science

I always loved being around animals and taking care of them. In 2010 I started helping as a groom in stables near my hometown in Bulgaria and was given riding lessons in return. I competed, and still do, in showjumping. Very soon after I started riding, horses became true passion for me and I decided I wanted to learn as much as possible about both the animals and the sport. In July 2017 I graduated from Nottingham Trent University with BSc Equine Sports Science. 

While studying in England I helped out in the university stables both as a groom and rider. I have also worked as a groom in a stable in Holland for a month. Working in the industry in three different countries gave me a very valuable experience and insight into how things are done at different places. It also helped me learn a lot about the sport. I also did an internship as an equine Vet nurse at Rood&Riddle Equine Hospital in the USA for 9 months which was absolutely amazing! Having hands-on experience in the equine vet industry made my passion for horses even stronger. After this experience I became massively interested in Injuries, Genetics, Physiology and Physiotherapy