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Written by Sophie Delemarre
Posted in Rider fitness

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A look back on equestrian injuries

This study was written during the time when the use of a cap increasingly began to integrate in equestrian sports, nearly 10 years before the use of a cap was actually mandatory. The researchers wondered whether using a cap alone was enough to prevent injuries.

It is indicated that the injuries range from light to very serious and sometimes even fatal. This article also states that there needs to be looked at protection against injuries of the trunk or limbs. In particular, the wrist is a joint that is quickly injured. It is recommended to take a look at wrist protection.

Do you ever use a body protector? Or wrist protection? Or anything else?

Expert opinion by Sophie Delemarre

It's quite nice to take a look back in time. Because this article is from the beginning of the introduction of the cap. It is clear why it became mandatory.

It is actually weird that there has not been much follow-up research on this research from 2002. The more we get to know in this field of research, the more we realise how badly you can end up when you fall off your horse. The use of a body protector is becoming more normal, but the effect is not really proven yet. And wrist protection made especially for riders is something I have never seen.

I'm in for the sequel!

> From: Moss et al., Emerg Med J 19 (2002) 412-414. All rights reserved to Accident and Emergency Department, Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford, UK. Click here for the online summary.

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