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De genetica achter cryptorchisme bij Friese veulens

It has been suggested that testis size contributes to cryptorchidism. In males with cryptorchidism, one or both testes do not descend into the scrotum. When both testes are not descended this leads to infertility.

The results show a prevalence of 14.2% for cryptorchidism in Friesian colts. The heritability of cryptorchidism was 0.13, where the heritability of left testis size (0.12) was lower than right testis size (0.31). Based on these results cryptorchidism in Friesian colts coincides with a smaller testis size. The data of this study provide a foundation for selection against cryptorchidism. 

Expert opinion by Anouk van Breukelen

More precise phenotyping, like recording the age of the stallion, will contribute further to untangling the genetic background of cryptorchidism. Next to that, the genetic background of cryptorchism might differ in other breeds and genetic parameters should be estimated within the breed to set up a breeding program. 

> From: Schurink et al., Livestock Science 190 (2016) 136-140. All rights reserved to Elsevier B.V. . Click here for the online summary.

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